Prepayment of credit: what does the law say?

A borrower can at any time decides to repay a loan repurchase agreement early. In this case, the procedure to be followed remains the same as that applied during the early repayment of a conventional loan. The case of consumer credit A reduction in its financial charges or an unexpected increase in its cash inflows […]

Borrowing money starts with you

Obviously, not having to borrow for investment is always better, we know that. Because a loan must be repaid-with interest. But with certain (unexpected) expenses there is sometimes no choice. After all, not everyone has the savings to be able to pay for a car, a new washing machine or study immediately. Then a loan […]

Deducting Loans as Business Expenses – Error or Truth?

The tax and duty landscape in Germany has changed enormously in the last ten years. The black and yellow federal government had originally started to simplify taxation. Do you still hear the tenor: “Tax rates down – tax bases up”? The sales tax rate has increased from 16 to 19 percent since 2007, which corresponds […]

Student loan or evening work?

From the point of view of an external observer, there are some differences in spending patterns between generations. Most young people are studying and the income of students, in general, is not very high. For this reason, many students have made the choice to work alongside their studies. I, too, belong to the students’ caste, […]

Online Loans Compared

No matter whether it is a property purchase, the purchase of a new vehicle or a new home furnishings – you always need external financing, because the savings are not enough. But what needs to be considered with a loan? It is important that the prospective customer carries out a comparison in advance. Only when […]

Can a Credit Card Company Garnish My Wages?

Some debt collectors including some credit card companies will try to bully you into a payment with the threat of garnishing your wages. When this happens to you, it is important that you understand the laws surrounding garnishment, how you can garnish your wages with your credit report, and what you can do to protect […]

Is it possible to obtain a loan during the probationary period or in the notice period?

It is not easy to borrow money during the probationary or notice period. Yet there are ways to do this. Remember that if you need to borrow during such a period, it should be the money you really need. The truth is that most banks will not lend you at notice. This protects you, the […]